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Who can use the Greenway ?

Almost every member of the community; the elderly, children, cyclists, walkers, horseriders, joggers, wheelchair users and families. Those who will not be allowed to use the Greenway (by law) will be motorbike riders,quad bikes, moped users, and cars - in fact any type of motor vehicle (but not including motorised wheelchairs).

What kind of path is it?

The track is no longer a muddy, slushy mud bath in winter, we can enjoy the Greenway all year round using the   2.5m wide tarmac path.

Where does the Greenway go?

The tarmac path meanders a 10km stretch. See Greenway Route for more details of access points.

How can cyclists and walkers use the same path?

The path is wide enough for pedestrians, cyclists, horseriders & children to all safely use it together. Cyclists must always give priority to pedestrians. Please use a bell to let pedestrians know you are there.

How is the route managed?

The route is managed Sustrans. A new Greenway Warden and a team of volunteer   rangers  encourage local people to take responsibility for the path and to report incidents to them,the Council and the police. Please report any defects or maintenance requirements to Gordon North, (01924) 411307..

What about litter on the track?

Any new fly tipping will be investigated and offenders will be prosecuted. Users will be asked to report fly tipping incidents to their rangers and the Council.

What about the motorbikes?

Motorbikes are not be permitted to use the Greenway. We do not expect to encounter motorbikes on our roadside pavements and we should expect the same high standards of safety on the Greenway. Report any motorbike use immediately to the police. See Motorbikes for more details.

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Last modified: August 27, 2002